We are please pleased to announce 14 internationally renowed speakers, for keynotes and focused communications.

Please click here to download the Preliminary Programme of the EAMHID Congress 2017.


Johan De Groef (BE) Critical Factors to Promote Mental Health in ID: Looking for a Coherent and Inclusive Approach. Against Fragmentation and Splitting at Different Organisational Level

Randi Hagerman (USA) From molecular studies to targeted treatments in Fragile X syndrome 

Chris Oliver (UK) Challenging behaviour: Individual difference matters

Régine Scelles (FR) The disabled child: the desire to know and learning with one's peers


Nigel Beail (UK) Psychotherapy in supporting people with ID: new advances from research and clinical practice

Marco Bertelli (IT) 
Mental Health and Quality of Life in neurodevelopmental disorders

Nick Bouras (UK) Mental Health and Intellectual Disability: History and Concepts towards Evidence-Based Practices

Dieter Ferring (LU) Enlarging the frame: Issues of inclusion and mental health in an ageing society

Emmanuelle Jouet (FR) Challenges of Partnerships between Patients and Healthcare Professionals

Brigitte Lueger-Schuster (AT) Trauma and traumatic sequelae in people with Intellectual disabilities

Jane McCarthy (UK) Autism and offending: Towards an Evidence-Based Approach

Barbara Paggi (IT) Cooperation Models Among the Public Health Sector and School System: Inclusion of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Michael Seidel (DE) 
Mental health for people with ID - A challenge between human rights and scientific progress

David Simo (ES) Exploring Problem Behaviour Exhibited by Children and Young Adults: Prevalence, Risk Markers and Antecedent Events Associated With Its Occurrence

Gérard Zribi (FR) Desinstitution and Inclusion... a real misunderstanding ?