EAMHID's pre-Congress courses are offered at an advanced teaching level covering the themes within the main scientific program in more detail. All pre-courses will be held on Thursday, September 21st 2017.

  1. DM-ID-2 Diagnostic manual - Intellectual Disability: a textbook of diagnosis of mental disorders in persons with Intellectual Disability: Robert Fletcher, Jane McCarthy, Laurie Charlot, Angela Hassiotis, Sally-Ann Cooper (Language united kingdom 162452 960 720)
  2. Das sozio-emotionale Entwicklungsniveau (SEO) in der Diagnostik und Therapie von Menschen mit geistiger Behinderung (The socio-emotional development (SEO) in diagnosis and therapy of adults with Intellectual Disabilities: Christoph Sabellek, Brian Barrett (Language 36361106allemagne png; translation united kingdom 162452 960 720)
  3. Update on psychopharmacology for persons with Intellectual Disability and/or low functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder: Michele Rossi, Marco Bertelli (Language united kingdom 162452 960 720)
  4. Psychotherapeutic approaches to the support and care of people with Intellectual Disabilities and their families: Nigel Beail, Roger Banks (united kingdom 162452 960 720; translation Flagge Frankreich)
  5. Demenz bei Menschen mit intellektueller Beeinträchtigung (Dementia in Persons with Intellectual Disability): Elisabeth Zeilinger, Sandra Verena Müller (Language 36361106allemagne png)
  6. Assessing Emotional Development & Emotional Needs: Tanja Sappok, Anton Dosen, Filip Morisse & Leen De Neve (Language united kingdom 162452 960 720)
  7. Coaching for front-line staff supporting people with DID and challenging behaviours: Petri J.C.M. Embregts, Wietske van Oosrouw, Kim van den Bogaard (Language united kingdom 162452 960 720; translation 36361106allemagne png)
  8. Reducing restraints and restrictive behaviour management practices: Peter Sturmey (Language united kingdom 162452 960 720)
  9. Parcours de vie et d'insertion de publics fragilisés: le défi du partenariat et de la transmission des savoirs  (Lifestyle and integration of vulnerable groups: The challenge of partnership and the transmission of knowledge): Emmanuelle Klein (Language Flagge Frankreich)
  10. Le parcours institutionnel: un point de vue psychanalytique à deux voix  (The Institutional Journey: A Psychoanalytical Point of View With Two Voices): Jean-Tristan Richard, Isabelle Kyriaco (Language Flagge Frankreich)
  11. ASD and challenging behaviours – causes and practical implications: Marieke Conty, Thomas Bergmann (Language united kingdom 162452 960 720)