EAMHID congresses are multidisciplinary and have been organised every two years since 1993 in various European countries with the aim of providing an opportunity for clinical practitioners, academics, service providers and mental health experts to learn about new and emerging developments in mental health issues.

Since the Lisbon congress (2013), a close collaboration has been established with the European NGO ARFIE (Association for Research and Training on Integration in Europe), contact has been established with service providers in the disability field who bring evidence based practices from frontline staff. Better links were also established with francophone countries.

Ten congresses have been organised since the creation of EAMHID and each occasion focused on various contemporary and innovative topics such as social justice and fundamental rights (Zagreb, 2007), the relationship between mental health and intellectual and developmental disabilities (Lisbon, 2013), approaches in the neurodevelopmental perspective (Florence, 2015) 

1995 Amsterdam First Congress of the European Association for Mental Health in Mental Retardation (MH-MR). September 13-15th
1999 London Mental Health in Mental Retardation: Services, Training and Research for People with Developmental and Learning Disabilities. September 8-10th
2001 Berlin Mental Health in Mental Retardation. Theory and Practice. September 27-29th
2003 Rome Mental Health and Mental Retardation: a Lifespan Multidisciplinary. Approach September 17-20th
2005 Barcelona Towards the Integrative Approach in Research and Treatment. October 6-8th
2007 Zagreb Mental Health: a Human Right for People with Intellectual Disability. October 11-13th
2009 Amsterdam Promoting Mental Health for People with Intellectual Disability. September 3-5th
2011 Manchester Joint congress of the European Association for Mental Health in Intellectual Disability & IASSID Challenging Behaviour 1 Mental Health SIRG September1- 3rd
2013 Lisbon New horizons for Mental Health in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) September 12-14th
2015 Florence Integrating Different Approaches in Neurodevelopmental Perspective September 9-11nd